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A Game

Explore a dangerous new world with friends or solo. A puzzle platformer filled with discovery and challenge. Learn real meditation in a fun mysterious story. Find out-of-this-world creatures, pets, allies, and enemies.

An experience

The Narcalid is too powerful; you must reclaim lost abilities and decipher the sacred text of the ancients. Bring up to 4 friends to explore a beautiful and dangerous new world. Heal the wounds of epic bosses, learn to coexist with exotic creatures, and use the power of meditation to purify the planet.

narcalid epic boss encounters

Narcalid is a cooperative enlightenment journey with an emphasis on peaceful exploration that teaches real-life meditation skills as you decipher cryptic messages from the past. Immerse yourself in the beautiful and broken remains of once great civilizations, but stay aware… the Narcalid is a powerful threat that should not be underestimated.

narcalid multiplayer adventure

A sense of awe and spirituality is at the core of everything in Narcalid. This is represented through the ancient text that moves along the narrative, the titanous creatures you’ll both fight and befriend and the environmental makeup of the new world.

narcalid teaches meditation in the lore and captivating story

Narcalid is a game that challenges you to see the world differently. The deep spiritual principles embedded in the gameplay offer intense focus and flow stats throughout your adventure of the new world.

An Adventure To Enjoy With Friends

Narcalid is built to offer a compelling solo-player experience and an adventure that can be enjoyed as a team. Each ambassador character in the game comes equipped with their own unique multi-tool, from a wall-shattering projectile to a projectile shunting shield. 

narcalid creature interactions are deep and rewarding
Playing solo, you can seamlessly switch between the ambassadors to help solve the many environmental puzzles of the intriguing new world. Friends can join you from the beginning of your quest to restore peace or seamlessly hop in and out of your game.

Game Features

  • Seamless co-op, experience Narcalid solo, or with friends
  • Compelling narrative that teaches meditation skills for daily life
  • Out-of-this-world creatures that require puzzle solving, as well as brute force to overcome

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