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Narcalid: Exploration Team AlphaNarcalid Game

The mother Narcalid is too powerful, you must reclaim lost abilities and decipher the sacred text of the ancients. Bring up to 4 friends to explore a beautiful and dangerous new world. Heal the wounds of epic bosses, learn to coexist with exotic creatures, and align the chakras of the planet.

If Eckhart Tolle played video games, we’re pretty sure he’d be a fan of Narcalid. Why, you ask? We embed deep spiritual principles into our gameplay, through which our players can experience intense focus and flow states, literally learning to see the world differently. Who knew it could be so fun to shift your reality?

Lotus Mountain brings all the best aspects of video games into one: multi-player collaboration and compelling storytelling within an imaginative setting populated with out-of-this-world creatures.

Narcalid is a cooperative Metroidvania with an emphasis on peaceful exploration, mixed with our own unique philosophies. Each player will become immersed in a beautiful world and experience a narrative that subtly introduces the spiritual side of life. You might be jumping around to stay alive and outrun the Narcalid mother, but you’ll be absorbing meaning from the dynamic game dialogue and missions.


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