Lō·tŭs Moun·tāin: a spiritually minded company that seeks to elevate the profane to the sacred through a unique combination of art, gameplay, and storytelling

Mission Statement: To aid in the spiritual progress and enlightenment of the universe.

Although Peter Jones founded Lotus Mountain in 2019, the truth is the original vision for the company started long before. After years in traditional business environments via animation design where there were unspoken rules about acceptable conversation topics, he sought to combine the credibility of professional experts with deep spiritual principles and an emphasis on vulnerability. He wanted a place where people could feel free to bring their whole selves to work, to share their innermost beliefs, to collectively create the kind of company with the holy intention to help humanity evolve. Thus, Lotus Mountain was born.

This energetic blend of spirituality and craftsmanship permeates everything we touch and put forth into the world. Ultimately, Lotus Mountain wants you to be real. Here, it’s okay to be weird. In fact, it’s basically a prerequisite. Here, we grapple with the mysterious and the mystical, while also playing our favorite game, debating superior gaming design and user experience.

Lotus Mountain is a microcosm of how we prefer to show up in the world, and how we’d like the world to be: rooted in first understanding other authentic ways of being while stretching toward our highest potential. We aim to influence, intrigue, and inspire blissful experiences through our games, animation, yoga teaching and art, mentorship opportunities and more, until everyone regains the ability to experience the world’s ever-present magical reality.

How do we know if we’re fulfilling our company mission? Simple. If we’re helping you feel a little more present, a little more optimistic, and a lot more joy, then we know we’re heading in the right direction.


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