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The mother Narcalid is too powerful, you must reclaim lost abilities and decipher the sacred text of the ancients. Bring up to 4 friends to explore a beautiful and dangerous new world. Heal the wounds of epic bosses, learn to coexist with exotic creatures, and align the chakras of the planet.

Narcalid is a 2D side scroller, action platformer, or Metroidvania. 4 friends are invited to uncover an alien world together, using tools like berries, multitool, and your voice to interact with the local creatures. Online or local. Rebuild your technology to reclaim your abilities after a devastating crash leaves you stranded on an alien planet. 

As explorers, your job is to discover, not destroy. Your most powerful tool is understanding. Learn to understand the language of the few alien cultures to decipher their sacred texts and unravel the mystery of the planet's wound. 

About Lotus Mountain Creative

Founded 2014 

Based in Murray, Utah USA.

Self funded and self publishing, but looking for a publishing partner.

Lotus Mountain is on a mission to aid in the enlightenment of the Universe by creating group experiences of joy and unity.

Our team is composed of passionate creators that aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves and in their work. We are nerds on a spiritual journey.