Lotus Mountain

Here at Lotus Mountain, we have a BOLD mission—one that at first glance may seem a bit daunting: to aid in the spiritual progress and enlightenment of the universe. Sounds super doable, right? We think so. Because in every moment, we’re creating our reality. Everything from how we think to what we wear to why we play has powerful potential to shift our experience of the world. It’s all connected. So why not create a more positive, life-affirming, extraordinary reality? 

Is yoga your thing? Then check out our current lineup of timeless yoga art, perfect for wearing to your next session, decorating your studio, or featuring at your next charity event. Or are you craving a new, mind-blowing video game that—unlike what your parents told you—is actually good for you? If so, Narcalid will be your passport to never-before-seen virtual adventures. The defining factor across our offerings is their ability to bring you into touch with the present moment and point you to a deeper reality.

Just like the universe, we’re expanding, too. Watch this space for future exciting offerings—telekinesis workshops, anyone?—and join our mission!

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